Next we have Abilities. Abilities are a mixture of specific actions/powers a character may manifest during the Medium campaign. most abilities should be left to high-cinematic/paranormal qualities, and therefore should only be used in higher tier games. However you are more then free to browse the abilities listed or design your own for your own enjoyment.

MANIFEST DESTINY: Personal, VP Cost: 5

Your character has the uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time. With this ability you may spent a number of temporary VP each campaign. Manifest Destiny allots a pool of 2 temporary VP points in a low tier game, 4 in a mid tier game, 6 in a high tier game, and 8 in an epic tier game. Each Temporary VP can be used to enhance any single dice roll/attribute by the listed number. In the case of dice rolls, the listed amount of temp. VP spent is equivilent to an extra die of that category. I.E. with 2 VP spent to ensure your shotgun blows the mummie’s brains out you’d gain an additional 2d12s for a net total of 3d12 or roughly 18 damage. The points from manifest destiny can be spent as regular VP but only last for a duration of no more then one minute. This pool does not refill during any single campaign unless the GM has reason to do so for story purposes.


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