Step ONE

To begin character creation, you need a character “build”. The build is a primarily cosmetic field of information intended to give life to your over-all character concept. However some aspects of your character’s build will have in-game influences. To start your character’s build you will need to think up a creative and fitting character concept that matches your GMs campaign setting. Once you have a concept fleshed out, you will be moving on to actual definate character information.

  • Name:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Social Class: (this should be worked with the GM before hand, as it will have in-game influences)
  • Alignment: Your character will have preferences to either lawful or chaotic behavoir. You are free to not list your alignment and keep it a secret, but some players find it more enjoyable to allow the GM access to this information when it becomes nescessary.
  • Faith: (This does not require an established faith, and can be a fantasy element if a GM/Player is at agreement)
  • Build: Small, Average, Large. These words will define your characters capabilities in real-life. A small character is less likely to hold the pounding door shut then the large bulky cop. Where as large characters will find it hard to squeeze through small passages or evade certain horrors. Average has niether most benefits or disadvantages of either.
  • Age: Older characters will have mechanical benefits and disadvantages to younger characters.
  • Gender:
  • Height: A character’s height should be in range of their “Build” and is purely cosmetic
  • Weight: See above
  • Eyes: (Optional: Character’s may make blind player characters, as such they will gain one extra paranormal ability then normal for the campaign)
  • Hair:
  • Skin: Skin should be in range with your “ethnicity”.

With all of the above filled out, and a concept prepared for your GM your ready to move to step 2.


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