Step SIX

And finally we come to our last step, careers. Many character’s will not simply be defined by their abilities, or skills, or their build. Some characters need a set vocation that can truely define who they are.

A career can be any sensible “job” based on the age and setting of your GMs campaign. We will list some example careers to give you an idea of what your’s should look like at the end of this chapter. Careers will add further bonuses to characters abilities and skills. However a career should be limited by build and attribute. For example a scrawny young boyof age 12 with a Strength of 4 should not be able to become a professional, or even amature, wrestler. Just as such, an elderly gentle men whom was an ex-soilder should be far less capable or likely of becoming a school teacher. However you play it, keep in mind that careers should not be singularly defined, and allow for plenty of room for interpretations.

Example Careers:

Doctor (Psychology); Intellegence 7, Perception 6, Tenacity 5; Age: Middle Age and up; Medicine (Drugs) skill at a 40% rating, Education (psychology) skill at a 60% rating.

- Psychologists will be granted a bonus to knowledge based on the medium’s recent activities. - Psychologists are granted 1.5x starting funds. - Psychologists begin play with access to restricted drugs. - Psychologists begin play registered and watched.


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